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Name My Reward


QUESTION: What Is Name My Reward?
ANSWER: Name My Reward is a free, voluntary, online reward selection program designed to make sure that the reward you get is the reward you want.  At Name My Reward, it’s all about choice. Visitors to Name My reward register their Name My Reward reward code, and are presented with four reward options (dining, shopping, grocery, and travel options), along with the opportunity to review the key benefits and terms for each reward. They then choose the reward they would prefer, and Name My Reward delivers that reward to them by email.

QUESTION: How Do I Redeem My Name My Reward Code?
ANSWER: We’ve got full instructions on our “How it Works” page.  For further detail, feel free to visit our “Program Terms & Conditions ” page as well.

QUESTION: What Kinds Of Rewards Will I Get To Choose From?
ANSWER: We offer rewards in a variety of categories, including travel and recreation, shopping, dining, and groceries.

QUESTION: This Is Not What I Expected / What I Was Told I Would Get
ANSWER: We're sorry to hear that. We work very hard to make this program a great program for everyone who receives a Name My Reward reward code, and are committed to making sure you get the full value of your reward. It's important to us that you understand this program, who we are, what we do, and what we are responsible for. Name My Reward did not give you the Name My Reward code you received. And Name My Reward did not promise you anything about your reward (i.e. we did not tell you that you would receive a "$100 VISA gift card", or a "$100 WalMart card"). If someone told you that, please do alert us, as that is incorrect. Name My Reward does not do any sales. Name My Reward never called you.  Name My Reward never sold you anything. Name My Reward never charged or billed you anything.  Name My Reward never promised you any reward.  Name My Reward never told you about any amount of money you would receive.  Name My Reward is simply an online reward selection program that many businesses use to promote their programs.  Often businesses give Name My Reward rewards away with other sales.  Someone from one of those businesses may have called you, may have charged you, and may have told you that you would receive something, but it was not anyone from Name My Reward .  So, if you have a complaint or concern that what you thought you were getting is not what you believe you got, then you should direct your contact to the people who gave you the Name My Reward code to begin with. They are responsible for what they said to you. That all said, your reward is a great reward that will help you save money - and we'd be delighted to help you do so.

QUESTION: I Want to Cancel/Stop Billing Me
ANSWER: If you are looking to cancel something, to get a refund, or to inquire about billing, then you are contacting the wrong company. Please remember, Name My Reward does not do any sales. Name My Reward never called you.  Name My Reward never sold you anything. Name My Reward never charged or billed you anything.  Name My Reward never promised you any reward. Name My Reward is simply an online reward selection program that many businesses use to promote their programs.  So, if you are dissatisfied with something you may have purchased, or have a complaint, or want to cancel, or want a refund, then you must contact the people who sold you whatever it is you want to cancel. That is not Name My Reward.

QUESTION: I Never Received My Name My Reward Code
Name My Reward is simply an online reward redemption platform.  Many businesses use our rewards as part of their sales process to reward their customers.  Those businesses are the ones who call customers, sell things, promise rewards, charge customers, and are responsible to deliver the reward to you.  Name My Reward never called you, never sold you anything, never promised you your reward, and never charged you. Name My Reward does not give out Name My Reward codes to customers. We just run the website that accepts the codes and processes your reward selection.  So, if you have have not received your original Name My Reward code (these codes begin with "NMR"), and feel you should have, please contact the individual or the organization that called you, and follow-up with them to make sure they send you your reward code, so that you can redeem it on the Name My Reward website. (NOTE: If you did receive a Name My Reward code, and redeemed it on the Name My Reward website, and are inquiring about the status of your redemption of that code and your reward delivery email, please read below).

: I Have Redeemed My Name My Reward Code, But Haven't Received My Reward Delivery Email Yet.
ANSWER: If you've registered your Name My Reward code, selected your reward, and finalized your choice, you should receive an email from Name My Reward within 2-3 hours of your registration that will contain your reward, and instructions for redeeming it. That email will come from Please make sure your email is accepting emails from that address, and that you check your SPAM folder if your reward email does not arrive within 3 hours after your registration.

QUESTION: What Is The Member Experience Like?

ANSWER: Your experience in our program and on our website is our top priority.  We try very hard to make sure our member's experience is a great experience, each and every time.  We’ve provided clear instructions and a straight forward, easy to understand redemption process, supported by resources to help you understand the program and get the most of out it.  If you’ve got a question or an issue of any kind, we’re glad to answer it.  Just visit our Member Support page for any assistance you may need.

QUESTION: What If My Reward Code Doesn’t Work?

ANSWER: Most times, if your code is not working it is either because it's not getting typed correctly, or because it’s already been redeemed. Double check that you're on the right page. Then double check to make sure you're typing in the correct reward code. If you've checked both of those, and are still receiving an error, then please visit our Member Support page.

QUESTION: What Makes Name My Reward Different?
ANSWER: Five things...
  1. We work hard to make the best rewards available to you.
  2. A user-friendly experience is our top priority.
  3. We go out of our way to make sure you have all the information you'll need to make a great choice.
  4. We provide quality, responsive, customer service.
  5. We’ve developed our platform to make sure your information is safe.

QUESTION: When Does My Reward Code Expire?
ANSWER: Your reward code must be redeemed within one (1) year.

QUESTION: Can I Change My Reward?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, no, you cannot change your reward once it is selected and confirmed. Name My Reward has a triple confirm process, where each customer is asked three separate times to confirm the reward they have selected. Also, the terms and conditions for each reward are made available before you make your selection, to insure that your choice is an informed one. Additionally on the confirmation page before finalizing your selection, Name My Reward discloses that selections are final and cannot be changed. This is because, once you have selected your reward, your reward is pulled from inventory, activated, and sent to you, and it cannot be de-activated and replaced.